Who Is Emily?

Hello. I'm Emily. That's me above with my lovely mother. My little 'about me' section says the following:

I'm a reader, a writer, a slave to my pets, a teen group leader, a sex ed teacher, an Aries, a maker of inappropriate jokes, a storyteller, an excessive hand gesture-er, a lover of Swedish Fish, a hater of chocolate and cake (weird, I know), moderately obsessed with Twilight, very obsessed with Suanne Laquer, a daughter, a sister, and maybe one day a grown-up.

You want more? Well, as an Aries, I could talk about myself all day. But really, that would be rather self centered, dontchya think? So you can ask me a question in the comment box below and I will answer it. Maybe.

Want some random facts about me? That I can do.

States lived in: 6  8
Pets: Love 'em. I have a black cat, and a beagle/terrier mix dog. My cat is the coolest cat ever. He is Mr. Chill. My dog is maniacal. She is Ms. Crazy. My cat passed and I cried for days. The dog is an old lady now. Her mania is reduced to a mild annoyance. She loves a good nap. She NEVER napped before.
Random things I like: Dave Chappelle, Kendrick Lamar, Roger Waters, Richard Bach, The Rockchicks, Swedish Fish, Maxwell, fuzzy socks when I am in cold locations, sneakers (Puma, Adidas, Nike, I'm an equal opportunity sneaker-head), tall men, books like In the Stillness by Andrea Randall that make me sob, dry humor, hats, my family, gay rights, animal rights, and women's reproductive health rights (a room full of men have no place making decisions about my body), my mother, dark roast coffee, dry red wines, Tecate (el rojo) with lime, high end tequila, Gustav Klimt, and so so much more. 
My best feature: Well, most would say my hair. 

Best hair day ever (pic above). 

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