Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book Titles, Pets, and Costco

Greetings everyone. Life has been crazy, but I've been carving out pieces of time here and there to write. I just finished a great scene at a location I scouted last week in Northern Mexico. Shit's about to pop off--cuz that's how I do it!

Some of you may know, I've been on a search for the title of the 3rd book in the L&J series. Melted & Shattered came naturally. Steel & Ice came out of a convo with Elena and I. She was the one who actually suggested it. (Props chica) Book 3's title has eluded me though.

Never one to freak out too hard (unless you are a certain bank in the states fucking with my money), I figured the title would come to me as I wrote.

...and it did.

...and I'm not telling you.


I tend to be a fickle creature. Once I make my mind up on something, it's pretty set, but I like to take my time on the big decisions, and this qualifies as that. I'm about 75% set on this title, but I feel I need to "try it on" a little bit longer before I release it. Once it's out there, there's no going back. So I am going to marinate on this title and I'll let you know next week.


Mexico is still rocking. I made a grand trip to the pet store yesterday. Both animals have food for the month. As I am adapting to new foods, they too are going to be since they don't have the same brands here. I was the crazy American in the pet store reading all the ingredients cuz my hippie ass pets are both grain free and gluten free.  Yes, I'm the smutty author/gypsy with gluten free pets. That's me. (And my feline child below)

I also discovered the Aurrera (way to many rolling R's for this Gabacha) which is the Mexican version of Walmart (sorta) AND there is a freaking Costco here. Now I wish I would've signed up for a card in the states... As well, today my friend's mom hustled the water guy, and got me 50% off of five gallons of filtered water. Rock on. My Polish parents would be happy I'm in such good hands.

Well, I'm "borrowing" wifi from a friend, and I believe it is time for me to sign off and go be among the living. I've been having quality bonding time with the internet for the last 3.5 hours. Time to unplug.

All the best to you, and keep on pimpin', folks-

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mexico & A 'Lil L&J Update

¡Buenos días a todo mi gente en el mundo de los libros!

Hello to all my homies in book world!

I know that I have been off the grid for a week or so now, but I am finally up and running with my internet. It took a hot minute (four days) to get hot water, yet I had the internet my second day here. I just needed time to write.

And yes, I am writing. Elle and J are screaming in my head, so I have been carving out time here and there to continue their story. Book Three in the series will give you a HEA for Elle and J, but everyone has asked for books about Chris, José, and Fernie and Genesis, so I think the series will continue. Book Three, though, will give you a HEA for Elle and J. Of course, you know you'll be reading more of them in the other books, especially Elle since she is Chris' BFF. And Chris will mos def need her BFF in the story I've got cooked up in my head for her. I'm thinking about doing a standalone after Book Three, and then coming back to Chris, but don't quote me on that. The standalone is also screaming in my head, clawing to get out.

Enough about the books. Let me tell you about Mexico!!! So, I'm not in a border state. I'm farter south towards the middle of the country, about three hours from the ocean (which I plan to see before I start teaching English in August). It is the perfect temperature. Not too hot, not to cold. In the 80s during the day, and the 50s and 60s at night. (That's Fahrenheit by the way. I haven't figured out Celsius just yet...) Two months ago I was in the Midwest of the United States in a few feet of snow with negative temperatures. So, yeah, it's fucking beautiful here.    :)

There are a variety of things different here. As an anthropologist, I recognize that people are people wherever you go. We all want the same things in life—food, water, shelter, love, and hopefully some hot sex. (If your lacking that last one, don't worry, simply read my books.) What is different here is how things are done. For instance, getting a phone was quite interesting. We went to a phone place that was very similar toa Verizon or Cricket back home. I told the phone lady I have an iPhone (that I loooove), but I'm on a plan until October with my mom. For now, I just wanted a prepay. Really, I know, like, five people here. Who do I have to call on a fancy phone? The lady at the cell phone company told me I could transfer my iPhone to a Mexican phone number, but I'd need to have a hacker on the street do something to it so it would be compatible with the phone lines here in Mexico. I leaned over to my friend and asked, "Is that legal?" Sure, we have hackers in the States, but it's not exaaaactly legal. My friend told me, yes, it is legal, but he made quotation marks with his fingers when he said legal. In the car, I told him the phone company would NEVER recommend taking your phone to a hacker. They'd try to change it for you for a shit ton of cash.

His response: Bienvenidos a Mexico—Welcome to Mexico!!

Speaking of friends, I met this particular guy when I was visiting last year, and he drove with me and my amiga from the border to our final destination. It was 14 hours of the 45 hours of driving I did to get here. One thing I have missed a lot from the States is Hip Hop and Rap. This guy is what they call a rappero. He is a rapper and scratches (like on the turn tables, or the ones and twos for those of you well versed in Hip Hop/DJ slang). We have bonded over our common love for Hip Hop and Rap, and the fact that it is hard to find that music here. As well, he loves Wu Tang. We were in the car listening to a CD and C.R.E.A.M. came on (a popular Wu Tang song). He got very excited and started rambling off all the members of Wu Tang (there's a bunch of them) and spoke like the sun rose and set on Wu Tang. After that, we were homies. 

You can check him and his music out here:

Unlike a lot of wannabe rappers I knew in the States, he is very serious about his craft. We spoke about how when I write, I get in "the zone" because I'm totally in a fictional world. Time slips away as I create characters and their worlds. He expressed it was the same for him when he is making music, the world falls away at your feet and nothing except the music exists.

I hope you all have a "zone" you can get into because it is the greatest feeling.  ...well, maybe not the greatest, but it's pretty fucking awesome.

As well, this gentleman takes the time to explain things to me, listens to my broken Spanish, and teach me words as we go along. Unfortunately, I'm a fucking giant here!! For a woman, 5'9" is totally abnormal, and it is considered tall for a guy. So, yeah, not sure I'll be getting laid anytime soon.  There is a soccer stadium here, so maybe when Switzerland comes to play. They're tall, right?

Anyhoo, besides the lack of tall guys, like 6'3" guys, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time in Mexico. The sun is shining, the cat is lying in the sun, and the dog is passed out on the bed from our walk around the corner flea market this morning.  Life is good. Now I'm going to call my mom and then take a nap, cuz that's what you do here in the afternoon, and I do love me a good nap.

Hasta Luego—Until Later-

Friday, May 16, 2014

Waffle House & Prince Charming

I have been a 'lil MIA lately as I've been traveling this past week. I am moving along with my writing of L&J Book 3. I had a great convo with Elena (the dirtier of the cousins) about the next scene I want to write. Tomorrow I am scouting locations in Sabinas for a scene in the next book. If you all behave I'll post pics :)

For now, I can offer you two things.

Waffle House - Great going in, not so great coming out...


Always on the lookout for more Charlie Hunnam, I was gifted this one today by a wonderful woman who I won't expose to the whole world. 

Nothing like a lil Charlie to brighten your day.

Til tomorrow homies-

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Official Jax Teller Emotions Chart

I didn't plan to write a blog today, as I have nothing I want to post for the world to know. Buuuuuut, I came across this:


Seriously people, it doesn't get much cooler than this.

I am currently angsty Jax, or maybe angry Jax. Though a little seductive Jax could remedy that.

On a high note, I made this:

Which I am pretty proud of.

Balls. I gotta go. Things are topsy turvy in my world. I need to see about straightening them out. 
Deuces my people-

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tryin' To Get It Together

So, it's these peoples' fault that it is dinnertime and I'm barely getting going writing today.

 photo IMG_0775.jpg 

I had a little too much fun last night in my hometown. It was great to see my people, but it also reminded me that I want to fly. I got mad pride for my city, and I'll be a Midwestern Girl 'til I die, but I have an adventurer's heart. So it was great to be home and see friends, but I'm excited to start the next leg of my journey.

While home, I've also been able to talk to my BFF (you know, the one with all the dirty Spanish phrases for me) about the last L&J book. She doesn't make fun of me for my extensive chats about people who don't exist outside of my imagination. She totally talks with me like Elle and J are real people. Last night, though, we might have been freaks at the club talking about it... Oh well, we looked hot.

 photo 2e634c6e-8664-439b-b163-3ec3ea50fc0b.jpg

This morning (er, noon-ish) I got up and raced to the kitchen to outline the rest of L&J Book 3 on the back of giant envelope. We had great conversations last night, and I wanted to capture it on paper. We talked about the St. Louis and the Kansas City MM Clubhouses at length--again, like they were real places. (And man, I wish they were cuz they're gonna be bangin'!) We also figured out Chris' place in Book 3. I had that poor girl going a million different directions, but I nailed it down and know exactly what her place in Book 3 is, as well as how her own book is going to happen. (Yep, ole girl's getting her own book, but more on that later.)

Now I just need to purge my imagination onto the paper. Ibruprofen first though...

Before I sign off, I want to give a shot out and say Happy Mother's Day to all you mama's out there taking care of our future generation. I applaud you. You deserve to escape into some fictional romance now and again. (Or every freaking day if you want!)

Off to write now-

Friday, May 9, 2014

Kitchin' It With My Kitchen Guys & Pimpin' My Sensei

Greetings all ye folk. I've been busy tryin' to catch up with everyone while I'm in my hometown, as well as work on the third book (yep, still untitled) in the L&J series. Before I go any farther though, I want to take a few lines to pimp my Sensei, V. J. Chambers. She graciaously answered a million Q's when I first began publishing, and still does. She recently released a box set for 99 cents. You can find it here:  on Amazon. You an also check it out on her website at

The box set includes YA Paranormal, NA romantic thriller, NA contemporary romance, PA romance, and a couple standalones. She writes a variety of genres, but all are action packed. Eight full length novels for only 99 cents. Plus she's pregnant. So help a baby out and buy her box set.

Back to me now. Last night I kicked it with my kitchen homies from back in the day. There was a good amount of beer and reminiscing, and maybe some other stuff. We're all older and have gone our different ways. By the amazing technology of Facebook, we've all managed to stay in touch though.

I had a great time playing, "Do you remember.....?" Sadly, we were missing a few of the crew, but it was nice to get together regardless. Sucky it took me moving to Mexico to make it happen. We all promised to meet up when I'm back in the States, though. 

I am going to leave this as a short post, as I want to nap before hitting the club tonight. I'll post pics of that... maybe. We'll see how scandalous the night gets :)

Deuces ya'll-

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An L&J Update

So I thought I'd stop rambling about the Fae and Samuel L. Jackson, and instead give ya'll an update on Elle and J. But first, I want to tell you that the fact you guys care enough to ask makes me want to dance a jig. Really. I'm dancing a jig.

OK, I'm not. I'm typing this blog, but I am stoked you care enough to ask. What started as one of my many daydreams has turned into three novels and two novellas that people are actually reading. It''s surreal. I've been writing since I was eight. I never thought anyone would care to read it. So I extend my intense gratitude to every person who has taken the time to read Elle and J's story.

Wiping the tears and moving on...

I am in the process of writing part three. My BFF, who is responsible for all the dirty Spanish in the books (luv ya Mariana, you chica sucia), has graciously talked through book three me over the past week that I've been staying with her. Just last night she commented, "How long is this book going to be? Cuz you got a lot of stuff you want to put in it."

She's right. This book will probably be the longest one. It will bring Elle and J's story to a close--for now. I have ideas to write a book for Chris, I've been threatened if I don't give José a HEA (which he won't be getting in book three. Sorry ya'll, but I'll give it a shot in his own book.), and I have fallen in love with Fernie and Genesis so much that I want to give them their own HEA. They will get a HFN in book three, but I'm leaving the door open for their own book. Despite the fact that I just rambled off three plot lines for three separate books, concluding Elle and J's story (for now) still has a lot of material to get through.

I am going to avoid saying too much, as I don't want spoilers for those who haven't finished J Roars yet. Suffice to say, there is going to be some serious action in book three.

If you've followed my blog, you know I am in the middle of an international move. If you haven't followed my blog, I'll hip you to what's happening - I'm moving to Mexico. I have made a pit stop in my hometown to see friends and family before leaving. While here, I have written the first section of the book, and I foresee having a third of it done before I leave. I have the bulk of it outlined, and am now writing scenes.

Once I leave my hometown on Monday, I will be traveling and may not get back to it for a week. Then I have to get myself set up in my new place in Mexico. I'd like to say I can have it for you at the beginning of June, but let's keep it real. It will more than likely be the end of June. And even that is lofty. I want to do this right. I don't want to give you any bullshit, nor do I want to rush through what Elle and J have to do in order to be together. They are up against Burns, and he is one mean mother fucker who deserves to be dealt with--slowly and painfully.

Wow, that was seriously sadistic!!!

Anyhoo, that is my long answer as to when the still untitled book three will some out. I can tell you with certainty (cuz I've already written it) that despite the gravity of what is going on in Elle and J's world, they have already managed to get their freak on. That's right. They've been making sweet monkey love amidst the bullets and drug-ring takeover. Right on!

If you have questions, feel free to ask. You can ask me on this blog, but if they involve spoilers, please private message me on Facebook.

Thanks for all your support, and happy reading friends!

  Displaying J Speaks - Free.jpg

Sign Up For Me and Dork Out To The Fae

So first of all, I started a mailing list. Here is the link if you want to sign up:

Second, I feel like I am hitting a stride here with the still untitled third book in the L&J series. My initial plan was to wait until after I moved to start book three. That didn't work out so well as Elle and J kept nagging me to write. I'm about five chapters in, and I feel like everything is coming together.

When I was leaving Milwaukee, I had so much going on those last two weeks. I was mentally empty. There were so many details of my move that I needed to execute, leaving little brain power to write. I had the ideas up there peculating, but I didn't have the energy or focus to string together coherent sentences.

I think I got it now. I have 5more days here before I start the next leg of my journey which includes a 24ish hour drive made over 2 days. I am trying to capitalize on my time now.

On a side note, I got distracted because I found this rocking Fae Chronicles group on Facebook and totally dorked out last night! Spent way too much time interacting with fellow Fae Fanatics. Holy crap is it hot. Like seriously steamy!!!

It's a closed group, but just search "The Fae Chronicles - Fan Page" on Facebook to find it. 
It Fae Fucking Rocks!!

On that note, I am going to eat oatmeal and get back to Elle and J. They fucked yesterday and they're about to again. Riggidy Rock On.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Think I Got It

When I was writing J Roars, there was a sex scene I was struggling with. I wasn't feeling very sexy at the time, so I just put SEX in red letters and moved on to the next scene. I accidentally sent it to my BFF like that. She was pissed! It was like, "He hovered over her, breathing her in.  Slowly he... SEX..."  Ah ha ha ha :)

In hindsight, I find it hysterical!

Anyhoo, I was there last night. Did the SEX thing, but found I couldn't move on. A pivotal exchange needs to occur amidst the sex. Grrrr.

I think I got my mojo back though, and am ready to write some smutty smut smut now. Wish me luck, porfa!

Wishing you a sexy day (and night)-

Monday, May 5, 2014

Libros romanticos en español de Kassfinol

Check out some great Spanish language paranormal romance!

”Entre el infierno y la Tierra es un libro de ficción que quizá para muchos es más de lo mismo, pero al comenzar a disfrutar de sus páginas podrán encontrar escenas de aventuras y mucho romance”

“El bien y el mal esta presente en sus líneas, y les aseguro que no se van a defraudar. Está narrado en primera persona, alternado las voces entre los protagonista. La lectura es fluida, con sencillas descripciones que hacen que te devores la novela en una tarde”

“Sencillamente, la magia, el romance, el erotismo, la fantasía, aventura, acción, todos estos son elementos que se ligan unos con otros en la historia de Kass, dando un resulta excelente y muy muy bueno”

Puedes seguir leyendo en:
Y encontrar sus libros en:

Para más información, visite su sitio:

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chicago, Diversity, and Jon Seda

I was kickin' it with my parents tonight and we watched two TV shows that overlapped: Chicago Fire and then Chicago PD. I don't watch too much TV outside of SOA, True Blood, and Twilight. (Yes, the books are better, but I openly admit I've seen all the Twilight movies too many times to count. And I'm not ashamed, damnit! OK... maybe a little...)

Anyhoo, I was totally into Chicago Fire. I was impressed with the diverse cast. It seemed to really represent Chitown. I'm not a Chicago native, but when I travel internationally, it's the closest city people know of. To say, "I grew up in Indiana on the Michigan border" means noting, but "I grew up close to Chicago" elicits "oh yeah, Chicago" from people. So I feel a bit of a connection to  Chicagoland. Plus I have gotten fuuuuucked up in Chicago a more times than I have fingers to count on. Good times. Good times.

So I was all hype about the diversity of the cast. There was some two night special going on where Chicago PD was going to pick up where Chicago Fire left off (total cliffhanger), and since we weren't watching live TV (my parents haven't watched live TV since they got DVR a few years back) I said, "You got the next one, Dad????" I was into it.

Sadly, it seems that according to the TV network, the Chicago police department is nowhere near as diverse as the fire department. Boooo... Major bummer. I enjoyed the continuation of the story, but would have liked to see more diversity.

Going off on a tangent here...

So I was convinced this guy was Donnie Wahlberg:

Nope, Jon Seda. My mom kept telling me it wasn't the former NKOTB singer, but I had to Wiki it. Found out he's Latino-- Puerto Rican to be precise. Does he look Latino in that pic? Eh. What does Latino look like? My BFF is Mexican and she is like me-- the lightest shade of foundation at the MAC counter. I am well aware that Latinos come in all shades. In a TV show, when ole boy is lookin' like this (above pic), it is not adding to the diversity of the cast per se. Now if they had him looking like this, maybe...

I don't think that we need to super Latino out every person of Latin descent on TV. Nor do I think Latino actors and actresses should not be able to play "American" characters, as they are Americans. We're a melting pot. You can be any shade of the rainbow and be American: Black, White, Latin, Asian, Native American, etc. 

My point here is that when you take Jon Seda, give him highlights, keep him out of the sun, and take away his facial hair, he not going to add "diversity" to your TV show cast as he is going to look like another white guy (or Donnie Wahlberg). 

Really, that wasn't my only point. Swur. My point's that I was disappointed at the lack of diversity on Chicago PD. And as I am about to finish up Saving Toby tonight, a book with a bit of diversity going on, I was hype to see Chicago Fire with such a diverse cast. I don't know about you, but my world is full of skin colors, accents, and ethnic backgrounds, so that is also reflected in my books. It's what is so great about the United States. My Mexican BFF is just as American as me.

I believe I am done rambling about diversity and Chicago for the night. If I think of anything else, blogspot has this awesome way to update posts. I think I'm good though. I'm sleepy. A long but fun weekend is catching up to me. Mama needs her beauty rest.

Night ya'll!

Saving Toby


This is what I am currently reading. I'm almost done. I have about 8% left to go, and just couldn't hold my eyes open any longer last night. I am praying that Toby gets the happy ending he's after. So far this has been an emotional roller coaster of a book. Claudia is the heroine, and although I usually don't like the inexperienced, virginal heroine, I have found Claudia to be quite likeable. She isn't weak, which unfortunately often accompanies the adjectives "virginal" and "inexperienced." She is a strong woman who is navigating the waters of love for the first time, and Toby, though a good man at heart, is a massive douche canoe at times. (copyright Jennifer Armentrout) She could have found herself a man with less drama in his life to fall in love with for the first time, but that's life. We don't choose love. Sometimes it just creeps up on us when you least expect it. (It is welcome to creep on me anytime now. Anytime. Just please let him be tall...)

I have this thing where I have to shower as soon as I get up, or I find myself coming up with reasons to go back to bed. As much as I want to ramble about meeting Andrea Randall and Charles Sheehan Miles yesterday, I am going to shower and I will save that for another blog. 

Deuces yo-

Thursday, May 1, 2014

J Roars is LIVE!!

J Roars is live. I travelled for 5 hours, with 2 animals, all my possesions in my car, and despite being exhausted, published J Roars at 2am last night to make my May 1st deadline. I know I kept saying May 1st (ish) to give myself wiggle room, but I'm a slave to my craft and couldn't bare withholding it. I hope you all enjoy!

Altough I am all over the country for the next two weeks, I will be steadily working on the still untitled 3rd book. Taking title suggestions.

Gotta go to the DMV now :(

Funny story-- I once went to the DMV in this little town outside my hometown thinking it'd be slower because it was a small town. Nope. Saw a woman get taken away in handcuffs for being belligerent with the workers and threatening to kill them. Yep, we get's crazy up in the Midwest!

On that note, happy reading folks.

J Roars purchase links: