Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An L&J Update

So I thought I'd stop rambling about the Fae and Samuel L. Jackson, and instead give ya'll an update on Elle and J. But first, I want to tell you that the fact you guys care enough to ask makes me want to dance a jig. Really. I'm dancing a jig.

OK, I'm not. I'm typing this blog, but I am stoked you care enough to ask. What started as one of my many daydreams has turned into three novels and two novellas that people are actually reading. It''s surreal. I've been writing since I was eight. I never thought anyone would care to read it. So I extend my intense gratitude to every person who has taken the time to read Elle and J's story.

Wiping the tears and moving on...

I am in the process of writing part three. My BFF, who is responsible for all the dirty Spanish in the books (luv ya Mariana, you chica sucia), has graciously talked through book three me over the past week that I've been staying with her. Just last night she commented, "How long is this book going to be? Cuz you got a lot of stuff you want to put in it."

She's right. This book will probably be the longest one. It will bring Elle and J's story to a close--for now. I have ideas to write a book for Chris, I've been threatened if I don't give José a HEA (which he won't be getting in book three. Sorry ya'll, but I'll give it a shot in his own book.), and I have fallen in love with Fernie and Genesis so much that I want to give them their own HEA. They will get a HFN in book three, but I'm leaving the door open for their own book. Despite the fact that I just rambled off three plot lines for three separate books, concluding Elle and J's story (for now) still has a lot of material to get through.

I am going to avoid saying too much, as I don't want spoilers for those who haven't finished J Roars yet. Suffice to say, there is going to be some serious action in book three.

If you've followed my blog, you know I am in the middle of an international move. If you haven't followed my blog, I'll hip you to what's happening - I'm moving to Mexico. I have made a pit stop in my hometown to see friends and family before leaving. While here, I have written the first section of the book, and I foresee having a third of it done before I leave. I have the bulk of it outlined, and am now writing scenes.

Once I leave my hometown on Monday, I will be traveling and may not get back to it for a week. Then I have to get myself set up in my new place in Mexico. I'd like to say I can have it for you at the beginning of June, but let's keep it real. It will more than likely be the end of June. And even that is lofty. I want to do this right. I don't want to give you any bullshit, nor do I want to rush through what Elle and J have to do in order to be together. They are up against Burns, and he is one mean mother fucker who deserves to be dealt with--slowly and painfully.

Wow, that was seriously sadistic!!!

Anyhoo, that is my long answer as to when the still untitled book three will some out. I can tell you with certainty (cuz I've already written it) that despite the gravity of what is going on in Elle and J's world, they have already managed to get their freak on. That's right. They've been making sweet monkey love amidst the bullets and drug-ring takeover. Right on!

If you have questions, feel free to ask. You can ask me on this blog, but if they involve spoilers, please private message me on Facebook.

Thanks for all your support, and happy reading friends!

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