Sunday, May 4, 2014

Saving Toby


This is what I am currently reading. I'm almost done. I have about 8% left to go, and just couldn't hold my eyes open any longer last night. I am praying that Toby gets the happy ending he's after. So far this has been an emotional roller coaster of a book. Claudia is the heroine, and although I usually don't like the inexperienced, virginal heroine, I have found Claudia to be quite likeable. She isn't weak, which unfortunately often accompanies the adjectives "virginal" and "inexperienced." She is a strong woman who is navigating the waters of love for the first time, and Toby, though a good man at heart, is a massive douche canoe at times. (copyright Jennifer Armentrout) She could have found herself a man with less drama in his life to fall in love with for the first time, but that's life. We don't choose love. Sometimes it just creeps up on us when you least expect it. (It is welcome to creep on me anytime now. Anytime. Just please let him be tall...)

I have this thing where I have to shower as soon as I get up, or I find myself coming up with reasons to go back to bed. As much as I want to ramble about meeting Andrea Randall and Charles Sheehan Miles yesterday, I am going to shower and I will save that for another blog. 

Deuces yo-

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