Thursday, May 1, 2014

J Roars is LIVE!!

J Roars is live. I travelled for 5 hours, with 2 animals, all my possesions in my car, and despite being exhausted, published J Roars at 2am last night to make my May 1st deadline. I know I kept saying May 1st (ish) to give myself wiggle room, but I'm a slave to my craft and couldn't bare withholding it. I hope you all enjoy!

Altough I am all over the country for the next two weeks, I will be steadily working on the still untitled 3rd book. Taking title suggestions.

Gotta go to the DMV now :(

Funny story-- I once went to the DMV in this little town outside my hometown thinking it'd be slower because it was a small town. Nope. Saw a woman get taken away in handcuffs for being belligerent with the workers and threatening to kill them. Yep, we get's crazy up in the Midwest!

On that note, happy reading folks.

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