Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 1 Of My Homlessness.... I Mean, Day 1 Of My Transient Lifestyle

Today is the first day that I officially have no home. That is right people, I do not have any house keys on my keyring that belong to me. I have my mom's house key, my friend's, and the desk keys from my old job (oops, forgot to give those back.)

Why don't I have a house key? Well, I don't have a house. (Real smart, aren't I?) I am traversing this great country over the next two weeks, and then crossing into another great country--the one just south of us where there is no drinking age. (Not that it affects me...)

Along on this wild adventure are my furry, four legged friends- Andre and Darla. Andre is of the feline persuasion, Darla of the canine.

Andre is well traveled, as he is now making his 5th cross country (continent now) move with me. He likes to hang out of his carrier when we travel, so I open the door for him, like this:

Andre, or Baby Boy as I call him, usually just likes a little space. He doesn't like to be closed in. Today, he must have been feeling adventurous in his geriatric years, cuz the next thing I know, I see this in the rearview:

That is Baby Boy sitting on top of my suitcase in the back of the Impala. And yes, I was distracted driving while taking this pic (Did I mention I was in the Chicago loop? I'm hardcore like that. Or stupid. It's a toss up.)  

He chilled there for a while before getting jostled around and realizing he was safer in the carrier. Whew! (*wiping brow)

I also brought along my trusty Kindle on this grand voyage. (Like I'd be caught dead without it.) And now that I have my new light weight one, I can carry it in my purse instead of having one book going on my phone as well as one on the Kindle. (Been reading The Tempation of Lila and Ethan for 4 laundromat Sundays now.) 

Last night I started reading Saving Toby, by Suzanne McKenna Link. You can check her out here:

I am about 25% in and this book already has me under it's spell. SML's writing is superb, great flow, descriptive, emotive, and just smooth to read in general. Plus there is a diverse cast of characters which I LOVE! My world is full of people from all walks of life and I like books that reflect that. J Speaks was #27 in the "interracial and multicultural" section of Amazon romance. I didn't write it to be like that. I wrote what I knew, and what I know is a world with people of all skin colors, sexual orientations, spiritual beliefs, countries of origin, etc. My degree is in Anthropology, and it isn't something I chose. It chose me. It's who I am. 

Anyhoo, I'm anxious to get back to Toby and Claudia--despite my currently displaced status. And the fact that I am pretty sure this is going to be another bawler. I can already feel it gearing up so I've got my kitchen towel (my friend's kitchen towel) close by.

G'Night Folks. Maybe I'll have a home when update you again on Saving Toby. (...but probably not...)


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