Thursday, April 10, 2014

An interview and FIVE MILES!!!!

So, first of all, I did this online interview

Quite a surreal experience to watch yourself. Did you see the REAL Emily? No. You caught glimpses of her, but this is live for the world to see. I can't take it to the hood level I'd like to. Maybe if I'd had longer I would have, because I found myself getting more comfortable as it went on. And I'm am Aries. Seriously, I could talk for hours...

I said UM a lot. Grrrr. It's one of my "cover up my stuttering" techniques. Something to be mindful of. There were a lot of things I wanted to talk about but didn't get a chance to. I'm IMing with my BFF Mariana (holla!) as I write this about making our own interview when I go home in May. I don't need to wait for someone to ask to interview me. I'll make my own damn interviews and post them bitches.

Now, on to FIVE MILES. Holy mother fucking shit. Here's my GR review:

Yeah, it's really not much. There isn't a lot to say without spoilers. Maybe after all the books come out, I can go back and say what I wanna say. Don't wanna ruin it for anyone. I can say, the ending made me very happy... in a twisted way. Fuckin' A. Jase. I want that shit to work out so bad. The pain and emotional fluctuations of Sammi/Juliette are so intense. Even the names are so different and representative of two different people. She is falling apart inside in order to get revenge, and I felt like Germain wrote it in such a way that I was feeling it along with her. It was brutal. So fucking heart breaking. She deserves her revenge though. When I tell my aforementioned BFF about it, (I've made her listen to me ramble about it a few times now) I keep telling her that although it has torture that I usually don't like to read, I like it here. If anyone deserved vengeance, it's this bitch. Dornan and his six sons need to mother fucking die! For realz. And in my sick twisted head, I loved it.

I have no idea what to read next. I was gonna read The Will by KA, but I'm thinking I might hold off. I think I'm feelin' something gritty again. I wish Madeline Sheehan had another MC book out, or the 2nd part of Drowning in Rapture. I'll have to check mt GR list and see what's up.

That's it homies.

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