Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Fae Chronicles and Golden Ganga

I finished Five Miles Thursday night and was unsure what to start next. I was going to read The Will by KA cuz everyone says its EPIC! In all caps and with the exclamation. I was feeling gritty still, so I scrolled through my gigantic TBR list on Goodreads and found the Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins. I have have heard great things about them. I read some PA Romance, though it mostly is of the YA persuation. One reason I don't read more is that some PA Romance requires you to create a running dictionary of made up words. Maybe I am just slow here, but I forget what shit means. I forget all the made up stuff, what species of non-human we are dealing with, what crazy rocks have which powers, and don't get me started on the names that make the the Anthropologist in me says "those letters would never come together in an English word as we do not use that particular orthographic system."

So far the Fae Chronicles is good. Not too much made up shit. Although, I feel like True Blood gave me a good foundation to build upon. I do have to say, this fae fucking is killing me. Ryder needs to put his dick in Syn, like, yesterday. For realz. I'm jonesing for it. Here is a link to the first book, Fighting Destiny. I'll post a review at a later date. Maybe when I finish the series.
GR link:

Below is a video by a group called Golden Ganga. The song is Aire. Sorry for all ya'll non-Spanish speakers. Maybe this will motivate you to learn a new language. You should. Americans are the minority in the world in that most only speak one language. The majority of others who share this planet with us speak two, three, and four + languages. Anyhoo, I was asked to make a playlist for my books, and although this song isn't in it, I put it in the playlist. For me, it represents the last scene in Melted & Shattered before shit pops off... again. Plus I'd totally fuck half the damn band. The pianist and lead singer fo sho.
B-T-Dubs - If you are reading this on a phone, the video won't show up. Sorry. Here is the link:

In closing, I will leave you not only with a book link and a video, but also a link to the most common letter in the English alphabet. Wiki says so, and I believe it. Coincidence that my first and last name start with it? I think not :)   

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