Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog Tour - Steel & Ice

So, yesterday was the first day of my blog tour for Steel & Ice. (That's my book btw) I have had some very lovely ladies write some very nice things about my book. It feels good. I am extremely grateful that people took time not only to read my book, but to write such wonderful reviews. What I want to make commentary on is not all the nice things they've said, but the one comment that made me 'bout fall out my chair laughing.

I am well aware the first 15%-ish of Steel & Ice is rough. I wrote it from start to finish, so the first 15% was literally my first shot at writing fiction. I now write scenes out of order. I have an outline and I wait for scenes to come to me like a movie in my mind's eye. Then I do my best to capture them in words. For book 1.5 and 2 in the series, I wrote like this. Once the bulk of it was done, I connected the scenes, and added parts that would transition us through said scenes. With Steel & Ice, I really wasn't sure what the hell I was doing. I had this idea, two possible endings, and a dirty mind full of sex scenes. I just sat down, and started writing.

I've thought about fixing the first part of Steel & Ice. I don't know if you can do that-rewrite it- but fuck it, I was thinking I might give it a shot. I am not going to though, due to this one comment. I won't quote it, but the reader felt like the first 15%-ish of the book was like weed smoking, buying, selling, storing, etc 101. And it totally was!! In hindsight, I needed the reader to know the depths of main character's ties to weed as it brings nothing but trouble her way. I didn't realize, though, just how detailed I was! (No sir, I have never smoked weed in my life.)

It is rare for a single woman to smoke weed, buy it, sell it, etc. Most girls I knew back in the day who got high did so off their man's stash. I didn't have boyfriends. I was focused on making rent. I worked my ass off to keep a room over my head at 17, and men were a distraction. Even into my 20s, I had "friends" as well as men who thought they were my boyfriend, but I thought they were just very nice gentlemen I spent an evening here and there with...

I'm a take charge kind of gal. I like to handle my own business.

That's it. Thank you to the blogs who have participated so far. I appreciate your time. I am a romance reader-currently reading Hothouse Flower (LOVE IT!!)- so I know there are lots of great romances out there. (Five Miles is next. Supa dupa hype!) The fact that you ladies took time to read about Elle and J is a gift to me for which I thank you. Fernie does too.

Adios fellow readers-

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