Saturday, April 19, 2014

Soul Scavengers and Why Staying Busy Keeps Emily From Getting Wasted All The Time

Where to start? Friday was my last day at work. Rock on. I have 10 days to get rid of all my shit, pack what I can in my car, clean my apartment, and head to see my parents one last time before I move to Mexico. Oh, and I am publishing Melted & Shattered in 2 days, editing J Roars to hopefully have ready May 1st, and even though I said I was going to wait, can't seem to stop writing Part 3 in the L&J series.

So, yeah, little busy over here. It's good though, because when I am idle, I end up getting fucked up all the time and doing jack shit with my life. I learned a long time ago, busy is good for me. 

I am also editing a book for a friend of mine. We have never met face to face. We came across each other on an author's online forum and swapped WIPs (work in progress). We've gone thru this independent publishing stuff together, trying to figure out what the hell we are doing. Things like how to upload our book to a platform in the right format, finding a cover, working with blogs for PR, or just helping each other stay positive when you get a one star rating- Lisagh and I have bonded despite the fact that the most we've done is chat online. Oh, we did Google Plus' version of facetiming. Eh, it was OK. Did I mention she's Canadian? Yep, so you know she's an incredibly nice person who has been nothing but kind to me. Canadians rock! 

It riggidy rocks. Romance, sex, a wee bit of paranormal. This is Book 1 in the Soul Scavengers series. I have the divine pleasure of editing part two this weekend. Well, right after I post this blog actually. 

When Melted & Shattered goes live, I am making J Speaks free. I will post links to all the books tomorrow. 

Until then, 


  1. I'm just the opposite. If I don't get a significant amount of alone time I can't write worth jack. All of of you ladies who are so deft with relationship writing; you amaze me. I swear when I write anything that might be construed as a love scene, it's like pulling teeth from a saber-toothed tiger. I love to READ romance, just can't write it worth a thing.

    1. ha! I am so single. I write what I wish for, not what I have. I am too much for most men. Sorry, I don't damsel in distress. If I was Rapunzel, I would've sawed my hair off with whatever sharp object I could find, and built my own damn rope to climb down. Now the man who would walk by my side while we had adventures, that is my dream. Oh, and one who is 6'5"
      Thanks for commenting. You are my first official comment.
      Yay! *throws confetti

  2. Thank you for the mention here Emily! Once i figure out this blogging thing, I'll be returning the favour. :) I should try to dedicate more time to this stuff. Hopefully you'll like book two as well. =D