Saturday, April 26, 2014

Escaping Destiny, Brawler, & the Official Sponge Bob Emotions Chart

I finished Escaping Destiny by Amelia Hutchins yesterday and was the top left Sponge Bob on the Official Sponge Bob Emotions Chart. I loved all three books out in the Fae Chronicles (even if Mariana laughed when I told her about Ryder and the Horde beast). While reading them, I was the top right Sponge Bob on the official Sponge Bob Emotions Chart. It has been a while since I've read a book or series of books where I was so fully immersed in the fictional world created by the author. Hutchins delivered this to me in spades. 

Paranormal romance is not my normal genre. Not that I have a typical genre per se, but most of the paranormal I read is young adult. All of the other "adult" PA romance has been rather "eh" for me. I saw the Fae Chronicles come though my news-feed on Goodreads over and over. I finally picked it up, and at this point, I almost with I would have waited for all the books to be out. 

It's not that I disliked them, quite the opposite. I fae fucking adored them! I finished the third book yesterday, and was not ready to leave Faery. I told aforementioned BFF this and she responded, "ay, que mensa."  Though not a literal translation, this is her Spanish version of when she says, "you dork" to me in English. (Slipped a lil Spanish lesson in there for ya, eh? See, this blog is educational.)

Sadly, I can't just stop reading all together due to my desire to keep kickin' it in Faery, even if I was being mensa and a dork. So in closing this section, I will say that the Fae Chronicles riggity rocked and taught me that you cannot say "Fae Fucking Awesome" in an Amazon review. All books were 5 stars reads, but they mos def got better each book.

Onward and upward-- I started reading Brawler by K.S. Adkins. I lurved Brutal!! See bottom right hand corner in the Official Sponge Bob Emotions Chart. So I was very excited to read Macy's story, even if Kelly didn't exactly get me an "ARC" like she promised. (It was already released by the time she figured out how to send it to my Kindle. Yep, callin' ya out, Kelly. I got a RC.) 

Anyhoo, I'm a little over half way done, and Brawler has turned me into a bawl-er. That's not baller as in Lil Troy's Wanna Be A Baller (shot calla, 20 inch blades on the impala, call her, get laid tonight...) No, I have been struggling not to bawl (cry, sob, emote) through most of this book. Yes, I am in an odd place with my life right now so I might be a weeeee bit emotional. Nevertheless, Macy and Jonas' stories are heart wrenching. 

Usually, I hate the "woe is me" heroine, but Macy is strong despite her weaknesses. She is a determined chica, and it's her determination to excel at anything she does, as well has her ability to get lost in "the zone" when researching that endears her to me. I can get very focused on a project, on research, in a book (see Fae Chronicle ramblings above), or in a task--so much that the rest of the world falls at my feet.

In my book, Steel & Ice, (pimpin' myself here) there is a scene at the arcade. I can get lost in the arcade for hours. I started taking my teens there, and discovered the boys were insatiable when it came to Tekken and Mortal Combat. Though they never beat me in Spades, Scrabble, or Uno, I will not lie--one beat me in Mortal Comabt. OK, quite a few did. I'm a Tekken girl. I gladly spent many a quarter at the arcade with my teens having fun and keeping them off the streets.

Off track there, back to a Macy. I fae fucking love her. And Jonas is made out to be this diarrhea of the mouth dude, but I can't get past the image of the brown haired, green eyes, TALL hottie. (BTW, I made him dark skinned in my head. He may have a lil Latino blood in my imagination.) Being in his POV is equally heart breaking as Macy's. Both are so gloriously fucked up, yet perfect for one another in their desire to do the right thing, even if they fumble to get there. And for some reason, these two just keep making my eyes leak.

On that note, signing off for the night. Going to lay on my air mattress, as I have given my bed away, and finish reading Brawler.

Adios mi gente-


  1. Is this your new Mood Ladder? I like it! I am bringing it to the next staff meeting. Changes are a'coming!

  2. Yep. I believe Sponge Bob's emoticons are very scientific. Will be in the next journal article Dick emails I'm sure.

  3. Oyyy!! Now I NEED to read it (Brawler)! I bought it (my sister bought it) seeing as the whole kindle thing was posing a problem &, as such, I couldn't get my RC...Lol!!!. I was over the moon @ work today! Ur review is AH-MAY-ZING!!!!