Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 1 Of My Homlessness.... I Mean, Day 1 Of My Transient Lifestyle

Today is the first day that I officially have no home. That is right people, I do not have any house keys on my keyring that belong to me. I have my mom's house key, my friend's, and the desk keys from my old job (oops, forgot to give those back.)

Why don't I have a house key? Well, I don't have a house. (Real smart, aren't I?) I am traversing this great country over the next two weeks, and then crossing into another great country--the one just south of us where there is no drinking age. (Not that it affects me...)

Along on this wild adventure are my furry, four legged friends- Andre and Darla. Andre is of the feline persuasion, Darla of the canine.

Andre is well traveled, as he is now making his 5th cross country (continent now) move with me. He likes to hang out of his carrier when we travel, so I open the door for him, like this:

Andre, or Baby Boy as I call him, usually just likes a little space. He doesn't like to be closed in. Today, he must have been feeling adventurous in his geriatric years, cuz the next thing I know, I see this in the rearview:

That is Baby Boy sitting on top of my suitcase in the back of the Impala. And yes, I was distracted driving while taking this pic (Did I mention I was in the Chicago loop? I'm hardcore like that. Or stupid. It's a toss up.)  

He chilled there for a while before getting jostled around and realizing he was safer in the carrier. Whew! (*wiping brow)

I also brought along my trusty Kindle on this grand voyage. (Like I'd be caught dead without it.) And now that I have my new light weight one, I can carry it in my purse instead of having one book going on my phone as well as one on the Kindle. (Been reading The Tempation of Lila and Ethan for 4 laundromat Sundays now.) 

Last night I started reading Saving Toby, by Suzanne McKenna Link. You can check her out here:

I am about 25% in and this book already has me under it's spell. SML's writing is superb, great flow, descriptive, emotive, and just smooth to read in general. Plus there is a diverse cast of characters which I LOVE! My world is full of people from all walks of life and I like books that reflect that. J Speaks was #27 in the "interracial and multicultural" section of Amazon romance. I didn't write it to be like that. I wrote what I knew, and what I know is a world with people of all skin colors, sexual orientations, spiritual beliefs, countries of origin, etc. My degree is in Anthropology, and it isn't something I chose. It chose me. It's who I am. 

Anyhoo, I'm anxious to get back to Toby and Claudia--despite my currently displaced status. And the fact that I am pretty sure this is going to be another bawler. I can already feel it gearing up so I've got my kitchen towel (my friend's kitchen towel) close by.

G'Night Folks. Maybe I'll have a home when update you again on Saving Toby. (...but probably not...)


Monday, April 28, 2014

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Williams

I should be packing, but there isn't  much left and I'm burned out. Instead I'm trolling the internet for Pharrell. 
Been jammin' to this for the last few hours...

Finished Brawler. 
As per previous blog, bawled. 

What to start next?

Pharrell, maybe? ;)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Escaping Destiny, Brawler, & the Official Sponge Bob Emotions Chart

I finished Escaping Destiny by Amelia Hutchins yesterday and was the top left Sponge Bob on the Official Sponge Bob Emotions Chart. I loved all three books out in the Fae Chronicles (even if Mariana laughed when I told her about Ryder and the Horde beast). While reading them, I was the top right Sponge Bob on the official Sponge Bob Emotions Chart. It has been a while since I've read a book or series of books where I was so fully immersed in the fictional world created by the author. Hutchins delivered this to me in spades. 

Paranormal romance is not my normal genre. Not that I have a typical genre per se, but most of the paranormal I read is young adult. All of the other "adult" PA romance has been rather "eh" for me. I saw the Fae Chronicles come though my news-feed on Goodreads over and over. I finally picked it up, and at this point, I almost with I would have waited for all the books to be out. 

It's not that I disliked them, quite the opposite. I fae fucking adored them! I finished the third book yesterday, and was not ready to leave Faery. I told aforementioned BFF this and she responded, "ay, que mensa."  Though not a literal translation, this is her Spanish version of when she says, "you dork" to me in English. (Slipped a lil Spanish lesson in there for ya, eh? See, this blog is educational.)

Sadly, I can't just stop reading all together due to my desire to keep kickin' it in Faery, even if I was being mensa and a dork. So in closing this section, I will say that the Fae Chronicles riggity rocked and taught me that you cannot say "Fae Fucking Awesome" in an Amazon review. All books were 5 stars reads, but they mos def got better each book.

Onward and upward-- I started reading Brawler by K.S. Adkins. I lurved Brutal!! See bottom right hand corner in the Official Sponge Bob Emotions Chart. So I was very excited to read Macy's story, even if Kelly didn't exactly get me an "ARC" like she promised. (It was already released by the time she figured out how to send it to my Kindle. Yep, callin' ya out, Kelly. I got a RC.) 

Anyhoo, I'm a little over half way done, and Brawler has turned me into a bawl-er. That's not baller as in Lil Troy's Wanna Be A Baller (shot calla, 20 inch blades on the impala, call her, get laid tonight...) No, I have been struggling not to bawl (cry, sob, emote) through most of this book. Yes, I am in an odd place with my life right now so I might be a weeeee bit emotional. Nevertheless, Macy and Jonas' stories are heart wrenching. 

Usually, I hate the "woe is me" heroine, but Macy is strong despite her weaknesses. She is a determined chica, and it's her determination to excel at anything she does, as well has her ability to get lost in "the zone" when researching that endears her to me. I can get very focused on a project, on research, in a book (see Fae Chronicle ramblings above), or in a task--so much that the rest of the world falls at my feet.

In my book, Steel & Ice, (pimpin' myself here) there is a scene at the arcade. I can get lost in the arcade for hours. I started taking my teens there, and discovered the boys were insatiable when it came to Tekken and Mortal Combat. Though they never beat me in Spades, Scrabble, or Uno, I will not lie--one beat me in Mortal Comabt. OK, quite a few did. I'm a Tekken girl. I gladly spent many a quarter at the arcade with my teens having fun and keeping them off the streets.

Off track there, back to a Macy. I fae fucking love her. And Jonas is made out to be this diarrhea of the mouth dude, but I can't get past the image of the brown haired, green eyes, TALL hottie. (BTW, I made him dark skinned in my head. He may have a lil Latino blood in my imagination.) Being in his POV is equally heart breaking as Macy's. Both are so gloriously fucked up, yet perfect for one another in their desire to do the right thing, even if they fumble to get there. And for some reason, these two just keep making my eyes leak.

On that note, signing off for the night. Going to lay on my air mattress, as I have given my bed away, and finish reading Brawler.

Adios mi gente-

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What. A. Day.

Today marks the sixth day that I have been done working. If you are just getting on the boat, I'll catch you up to speed. I'm getting ready to move to Mexico. OK, you're up to speed.

I'm not one to sit around and do nothing. Catching you back up--see "Why Staying Busy Keeps Emily From Getting Wasted All The Time."

So I was saying, I am not one to sit around. Today I got up and realized there was no hope for my Kindle. Yesterday it was acting up and not wanting to charge. The cord was not fitting into the port tight enough to pick up a charge (insert dirty joke here). I jerry rigged it in a manner that I thought would make it happen so it would charge overnight and I could finish Escaping Destiny by Amelia Hutchins.  I had planned on reading all morning, as I am super on top of my moving tasks. No such luck. Woke up and fucker was at 15%. Grrrr.

Next, I went to Best Buy with my precious baby rapped in a towel, attempting to find a new cord. I asked a guy for help, we plugged the new cord into an outlet... and nothing. So I asked ole boy what to do. He said, "I don't know." OK.... I asked him if he thought it was the cord or the port. "I don't know." One more time. I asked what I should do with my baby. (I didn't call it that. I'm not THAT weird.) It doesn't matter. The mother fucker just kept shrugging his shoulders and letting me know he didn't have a clue. 

The following sentences passed though my head. Thankfully I was sober and said nary a one.

"What do you know?"
"How did you get this job?"
"Do you work off commission? Because if so, you must be broke."
"Is this how you normally are, or did I catch you on an off kilter day?"
"Are you new?"
"Where's your fucking manager?"
"I'm a writer damnit! I NEED my kindle."
"Did you hear me? I'M A WRITER!!!"
"What did you say you name was? OK." (walk to manager.)

His ass was saved by a woman. Of course. A very intelligent woman helped me out. We tried a few plugs and decided it was indeed the port. She said I could send it to Amazon, but the cost to fix it would be at least half of the cost to just buy a new one. If I had my warranty. And I don't. She showed me a new Kindle for a good price, and it was lighter than my super heavy stone age one. (I loved my baby, though. She did right by me...) 

Anyhoo, I have a brand new kindle with HD. Whoo hoo. (HD really isn't a big deal when you read on it. I'm not watching Yo MTV Raps or anything with it.)

Moving along, I met my mentor at a bar and we got a lil drunk. Then I came home and contemplated writing a drunk blog. I did not. 

Oh, I almost forgot. The handyman came by to fix some stuff at my apartment. The toilet is fucked up and the lovely lady at the apartment complex told me to get all the broke shit fixed while I was still a tenant and it was free. So he fixed the toilet and left. Before I headed out to meet my mentor, I took a shit. While doing so, I saw the trash can I have sitting in the bathtub next to the toilet. I keep it on top of the tank cuz the dog eats used pads. (If this isn't TMI already, keep going cuz it's about to get good.) 

I was cleaning out some drawers in my nightstand, as I am giving away all my furniture. Only what will fit in my car is going to Mexico. I see in the trashcan, the one in the bathtub, the 100 pack of condoms I took from Planned Parenthood when I stopped working there in 2008. There were a lot of unused, expired condoms that you couldn't see at the bottom of the trash can. No, all you could see was the box flipped over with PLANNED PARENTHOOD: QUANTITY 100 on the side. Handyman probably thought I was gettin' hella laid. 

So. Not. Accurate. 

To recap: broken Kindle, nap, handyman, condoms, sucky dude at Best Buy, female who made her commission, new light weight Kindle, drunk, and now sober enough to type this blog. 

And that was my day. 

A Promise

20661931J Roars (L & J, #2.5)

So, a few of you have posted reviews of Melted & Shattered, to which I am extremely grateful. I know it ends on a cliff hanger (yeah, I wrote it), but I made a promise to Ms. MiLo that I want to share with everyone. It is as follows:

I am in the process of finishing editing J Roars, and I can make you a promise. Well two actually. First, J Roars is longer than J Speaks, still a novella, but closer to 100 pages. Second, I pick up where M&S leaves off and give you a HFN. And more sex :)

So hang in there until May 1st. J Roars, is not the final book. There is one more to come, but I tried my best to not have anymore "will they won't they" bullshit at the end of J Roars. You will know where J stands with Elle.

Thanks for all of your support. I appreciate if from the bottom of my heart!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello all. I really don't have too much to say, other than I am very tired.

We have a word in Anthropology that always fascinated me: Liminality. I could try and describe it, but in my current sleepy state, I will allow wikipedia to do so (DO NOT tell Dr. Kline. He might take my anthro degree away for quoting wiki...)

In anthropology, liminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning "a threshold") is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the ritual is complete. During a ritual's liminal stage, participants "stand at the threshold" between their previous way of structuring their identity, time, or community, and a new way, which the ritual establishes.

Dr. Kline, one of my professors, used the words "betwixt and between" once to describe the state of liminality. Although in anthro we use it to refer to ritualistic behaviors, I feel like it can be used to to describe other situations. Like mine.

I 'm currently done working my day job. I am moving in (looks at empty wrist for the thousandth time) 7 days. I will be in a state of limbo for about two weeks, waiting to make it to my final destination. I released Melted & Shattered, book 2 in the L&J series. I am putting the finishing touches on J Roars, the 2.5 in the same series. And finally, despite telling myself to get through the move first, I am writing the third book in the L&J series, still untitled. (I have a few ideas. Just can seem to choose one.) Oh, and I'm getting rid of all my furniture and anything that won't fit in my car, taking care of a million last minute details (changed my address at the post office today) and trying to say goodbye to everyone (adios Molly).

I feel very liminal, very betwixt and between. And on that note, I'm going to take a nap.

Almost forgot, I discovered how to make tabs on my blog. So you can check out some random info about me, where to buy my books, and videos and pics that I like and encourage you to steal for your own uses.

Happy Nappy-

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good Night Friends & Carol Rocks

What a day! Great release day. Thank you to all those who have supported me, Twittered me, Facebooked me, Google Plus-ed me, and in general just pimped my shit. I am exhausted, and feel like I've social media-ed my brains out today, but it was all worth it to hear people say they enjoyed this next chapter of Elle and J's story.

I want to offer you three promises:

1. J Roars is on its way very soon.
2. J Roars is longer than J Speaks.
3. I did my best to give you more sex (yay!) and a HFN in J Roars. I could't handle reading anymore "will they or won't they" bullshit, so I made it a point not to do that to you all.

Melted & Shattered is currently #64 in the interracial and multicultural category of Amazon Romance. It does my Anthropologist heart good to see that. No, it makes me feel Fae Fucking Fantastic. The world is peppered with all colors and cultures. I am honored to have the opportunity to share my experiences with people from all different walks of life with ya'll.

Yeah, I totally haven't gotten back to Ryder and Synthia and may not for another day or two. I will, though, because I am so deep into their world it's not even funny.

Thank you to Carol from for being the so fae freaking awesome. She is more than a blogger who I'm paying to pimp my shit. She is a woman who cares deeply, like Elle, and who works hard for those she cares about. I feel lucky to be one she cares about. I would recommend her services in a heartbeat to any independent author out there who wants exposure. She is more than a blogger or a PR lady, she is a human being who does everything from a place of love-- love of reading, love of supporting indie authors, love of all things romance, and a love for her family. I think she just may be a Mexican Mom. And if you don't know what that means, read Melted & Shattered!! :)

For now, thank you from the depths of my heart and soul, and good night!

Duermen con los angelitos-

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Dog, My Cat, and My New Book

Well, today I woke up at what seemed like the crack of dawn. Ok, 7am, but I usually don't get up until 8am. I don't have kids. I have a dog and a cat, both of which had vet appointments. So off we went, me with a bandanna on my bird nest hair in lieu of a shower. (Not J's bandanna. Some lucky reader is going to win that one. And he even signed it!) As I sat in the room with the vet poking and prodding my babies, my phone was beeping like it was attached to a heart monitor and having a seizure. I looked at the vet, who I sorta don't like, shrugged, and said, "I released a book today." Then I mumbled, "Bastard."  This is our last trip to Dr. I-have-no-idea-what-bed-side-manner-is as we will be leaving the country soon. So deuces vet from hell. Espero que se te caigan los huevos. Cabron.

Anyhoo, like I said, Melted & Shattered is LIVE!




You can also find me on Facebook at

J Speaks is FREE on all sites- Amazon, Kobo, B&N, and the iStore!

Now I am either going to edit Lisagh Winter's book, or go back to bed. Not sure which...

Thanks for all the love and support. I couldn't have kept up working full time and writing M&S as well if I didn't know someone out there wanted to read it. The late nights and sleepy days were worth it to know you guys are enjoying Elle and J's journey.

Mil Gracias!


P.S. Thanks to Mariana for responding when I Facebook messaged her, "How do I say I hope your balls fall off in Spanish?" You rock and I am so proud to have you as my BFF :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

J Roars Cover

 photo JRoars-HighResolution-1.jpg

J Roars

Coming May 1st (ish), 2014

Taunting Destiny - Fae Fucking Fantastic

I have stayed up late to write my review on Goodreads for Taunting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins.


This is what I had to say:

Man, I don't even know what to say. This series is so fae fucking awesome. I love romance, but I NEED action. I loooooved the Artist Trilogy because it was so full of action as well as romance. I've read romance where I'm like, "Is anything going to actually HAPPEN or are we just going to be all 'woe is me' or 'i'm not good enough' or my personal favorite 'lets have the heroine take it up the ass while she sucks a dude's dick. yeah, that sounds hot...' or something along those lines. Yeah, not for me. 

Now, I know we NEED all different types of romance because there are all different types of people. There are people who hate the stuff I like. Equally, there are people who hate the stuff I write. That is OK. We're a melting pot here. That's what is so great about the diversity of the United States. It is OK for us to like different things. When you find something you like, share it. As an author, when I read someone liked what I wrote, that it spoke to them in some way, I love it. It makes me keep writing, despite those one stars (man those hurt). So I am sharing my love of the Fae Chronicles with ya'll, and it is your American right to disagree with me. 

Moving along, I looooooooooooooooved this series, as I've been quite clear already I believe. There is love (although they fight it), sex (oh the sex. the glorious sex...), there are bombs exploding, speed shifting, bloody battles, deceit, plotting among families, a dying land, people ready to give their lives to save others, and so freaking much more. Did I mention the HAWT sex? Yeah, lots of it. Great sex. D battery sex. Not AA sex--at all. 

Sometimes, I'm not sure what's going on, but I have full faith Ms Hutchins will catch me up to speed when it's time. And she does. 

Synthia is great. The juxtaposition of some of the scenes and her snarky comments are so fae fucking clever and humorous. I want her to be my new BFF. Really, mo fo's are in historic garb and she is given a janky yet enchanted dagger to which she responds "What the hell is this supposed to do? Pick his teeth after he eats my bones."  In another scene, also very royal and prestigious, two ladies are about to throw down (two royal ladies dressed all kinds of fancy) and what does Synthia have to say? "Well shit, this was going to be entertaining." Again, I did my ugly laugh, something Synthia made me do a lot. Thankfully I was alone. She is so normal amidst all the weird shit happening around her. I think I have a huge crush on Ryder and a little one on Synthia too... 

I need to go to bed, but instead I am going to read a little of book 3. Very very sad to find out this isn't a trilogy and I have to wait for more books. Happy nonetheless that I get to stay in Synthia's world a little bit longer though. Her world is fucked up, but gripping/stunning/witty/haunting/erotic/passionate. Yes, passionate. This book is filled with passion. Not just sexy passion, but passion for family, friends, your home, your loved ones who have passed, your people, your land... just everything. Those are my parting words. This book is bursting with passion. 

Here is a link to the review:
(I'm interested to see if they pull my review to it's excessive cursing. If so, the fowl mouthed review will live on in this blog.)

And one to buy her book, cuz it rocks
Fighting Destiny:

Taunting Destiny:

And it's off to bed for me.
Peace out people-

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Soul Scavengers and Why Staying Busy Keeps Emily From Getting Wasted All The Time

Where to start? Friday was my last day at work. Rock on. I have 10 days to get rid of all my shit, pack what I can in my car, clean my apartment, and head to see my parents one last time before I move to Mexico. Oh, and I am publishing Melted & Shattered in 2 days, editing J Roars to hopefully have ready May 1st, and even though I said I was going to wait, can't seem to stop writing Part 3 in the L&J series.

So, yeah, little busy over here. It's good though, because when I am idle, I end up getting fucked up all the time and doing jack shit with my life. I learned a long time ago, busy is good for me. 

I am also editing a book for a friend of mine. We have never met face to face. We came across each other on an author's online forum and swapped WIPs (work in progress). We've gone thru this independent publishing stuff together, trying to figure out what the hell we are doing. Things like how to upload our book to a platform in the right format, finding a cover, working with blogs for PR, or just helping each other stay positive when you get a one star rating- Lisagh and I have bonded despite the fact that the most we've done is chat online. Oh, we did Google Plus' version of facetiming. Eh, it was OK. Did I mention she's Canadian? Yep, so you know she's an incredibly nice person who has been nothing but kind to me. Canadians rock! 

It riggidy rocks. Romance, sex, a wee bit of paranormal. This is Book 1 in the Soul Scavengers series. I have the divine pleasure of editing part two this weekend. Well, right after I post this blog actually. 

When Melted & Shattered goes live, I am making J Speaks free. I will post links to all the books tomorrow. 

Until then, 

J Speaks going free on Sunday!

Melted & Shattered - Release date is Monday!

AND J Speaks becomes free. Free J! Yay!

I'm so excited to share Melted & Shattered with everyone. I will post links as soon as it's live. in the mean time, catch up!

Steel & Ice - Book 1 in the L&J series

J Speaks - Book 1.5 in the L&J series (More J to come in early May. Keep an eye out for J Roars!)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nuevo libro disponible en Esañol - El Multimillonario Gana el Juego (Los Solteros Multimillonarios - Libro 1)

Solo 99¢ en Amazon. Usa el link arriba! 

"Como primer libro de la serie Los Solteros Multimillonarios, Melody Anne hace una gran primera impresión con el Multimillonario Gana el Juego, dejando a los lectores con ganas de más."

"Ya se lo estoy recomendando a mis amigos, compañeros y conocidos. El Multimillonario Gana el Juego ha recibido mis dos pulgares hacia arriba sin duda alguna. Como punto de reflexión, creo que también sería un argumento interesante para una película." El Multimillonario Gana el Juego (Solteros Multimillonarios).
Para leer el artículo completo, por favor visita: Andrea Fuentes (Colaborador de

A NIGHT OWL REVIEWS CRÍTICA 4.5 Estrellas | Reseñado por: Millarda

Me ha encantado este libro y realmente merece la pena. Exhibe el dilema de aferrarte a lo que sabes y abrazar la oportunidad para el amor y la felicidad. Está muy bien escrito y construido. Los personajes maduran muy bien a lo largo del libro. Puedes visualizar fácilmente lo que estás leyendo.

El diálogo es fácil de entender. Hay una gran cantidad de tensión y conflicto entre Lucas y Amy. El padre de Lucas quería que su hijo encontrase la felicidad y el amor. Lucas no estaba preparado para ningún tipo de cambio en su vida. A Lucas le gustaba vivir sin ataduras y quería seguir así, poco sabía que su padre ya tenía otros planes para él. El hombre sabía que quería nietos mientras que aún pudiese jugar con ellos. Si eso iba a ocurrir, tendría que hacer algo al respecto.

Joseph Anderson ha decidido que ya es hora de que sus tres exitosos hijos encuentren novia. Joseph quiere nietos para llenar su mansión, y los quiere de inmediato. Su hijo mayor, Lucas, tiene éxito en todas las áreas de su vida, excepto en el amor, y Joseph comienza a actuar de casamentero. Encuentra a Amy Harper y la considera la perfecta nuera. Solo necesita que tanto ella como Lucas se den cuentan de que están hechos uno para el otro.

Lucas Anderson es rico, sexy, y obstinado. No tiene ningún interés en dejar que una mujer entre en su vida, provocando el caos, o utilizando el nombre de su familia. Muchas mujeres ya lo habían intentado, y él había triunfado descubriendo quiénes se escondían detrás de sus falsas sonrisas.

Amy Harper se crió en circunstancias trágicas y no le gustan los hombres mimados y ricos a los que les han dado todo con cuchara de plata. Pasó años terminando su educación y posteriormente recibió un trabajo en la Corporación Anderson. Al principio no le gusta su increíblemente sexy jefe, que es arrogante y piensa que todas las mujeres deben caer rendidas a sus pies.

Cuando Amy se queda embarazada después de una noche de pasión imprudente, tiene miedo de que él tome al bebé y eche a correr. Lucas es exigente, y está acostumbrado a salirse con la suya, pero Amy tiene la cantidad justa de chispa para encender su mecha, y le reta a cada paso del camino.

El padre de Lucas, Joseph y sus hermanos Alex y Mark, ofrecen risas, amor y apoyo. Con el amor de la familia de Lucas, que no es solo rica y exitosa, sino también amable y generosa, Amy empieza a darse cuenta de que ser rico no hace o deshace a un hombre, y comienza a imaginarse el felices para siempre que nunca pensó que le sucedería a ella.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Melted & Shattered and Buenos Inquilinos

I guess I should be promoting my books, right? So here goes...

You can buy book 1 in the L & J series, Steel & Ice,  here: 

Melted & Shattered comes out April 21st. It is Book 2 in the L&J series.

Melted & Shattered (L & J, #2)

After that is J Roars. Sorry, no cover yet. :(
J Roars ends on a cliff, but no where near where I left you at the end of Steel & Ice/J Speaks.

In previous posts, I have said the last scene of Melted & Shattered made me think of the video, Aire by Golden Ganga. The video is free and fun. It's two people enjoying each other. So that is why I chose it for the "soundtrack" to Melted & Shattered.

Oddly, the last sentence in M&S is as far from Aire as possible. Shit pops off in one sentence, and the song that I chose for that moment is New World Order by Buenos Inquilinos. Shit goes from "care free" Aire to "shit's goin' doooooown" New World Order. Here is a peak at New World Order by Buenos Inquilinos.

If you are reading this on the phone, you will not be able to see the video. (Fuckin' so here is the link:

Like my books, New World Order is gritty as fuck. I've met the members of Buenos Inquilinos, and they were cool as hell. Maybe they will make a guest appearance in Book 3 as Elle and J may be taking a trip to Morelia. We'll see :)

Speaking of my books...
Like I said, Melted & Shattered comes out April 21st with J Roars coming out shortly there after. Melted & Shattered finds Elle struggling to get her life in order after the mess J leaves. It's angsty and emotional. I poured myself into it, forcing myself to relive some of the sorrowful events of my early 20s. I had to take myself to some of the sadder times in my life to pull out the emotions needed to convey what Elle is going through in the aftermath of Steel & Ice. As well, in Melted & Shattered we see Elle becoming more attached to the teens, and it's hella confusing for her. She knows she wants to be a better person for them, but her life outside of the Center is at odds at with her time with the teens.

If you are bilingual and have read Steel & Ice and J Speaks, the video Aire ending Melted & Shattered tells you what you need to know about the direction of Elle and J's relationship. As well, The last sentence of Melted & Shattered being the video New World Order also lets you know that shit is anything but calm. Really, you think I'd leave you with calm? Fuck no!

Bueno, pues enjoy some Buenos Inquilinos, the antithesis of Golden Ganga's Aire!!


Monday, April 14, 2014

More Fae Fucking & Aire Otra Vez

So, ya'll really seemed to like the Aire video cuz I got more page views on that post than any other. Por lo tanto, here ya go, otra vez.

And again, you can't watch it on the phone right off the blog, so here is the link:
Try not to be like me and watch it 20 times a day.

I used to be a sex ed teacher. (Best job EVER!) Girls asked, "Is it OK to touch myself?" Boys asked, "How many times a day is it OK to touch myself?" After I laughed until I fell out of my chair, I had to Google that shit. How the hell do I know how much is too much? All of the articles talked about obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Like, if you are skipping soccer practice to choke the chicken, that's too many times a day. So enjoy the video and all the fine as hell band members, but try not to OCD out like me and choke your chicken with this video. (I could say "no pun intended" but that pun was totally intended.)

Moving along...
I'm on book two of the Fae Chronicles, Taunting Destiny, and it just keeps getting better. The sexual tension between Synthia and Ryder is off the charts. And when ole girl transitions, daaaaaamn. I really don't want to give any spoilers, but I had to go to my secret drawer and pull up the Aire video after reading it.

Aside from that, the story line is superb. Shit actually happens. I mean, there is a lot of great sexual tension, but it's packed with action as well. I'm loving it! I thought it was a trilogy, but apparently there is a 4th book coming out. Man, I'm mos def down for some more Fae fucking, so bring it on :)


On that note, I'm off to the Kindle.

For more Golden Ganga, go here:
Just don't be compulsive about it. Make sure you're still going to soccer practice.

I'm out.

Romance in Spanish AND it's on sale!

Quieres algunos libros leer en español? Aquí tiene! 
Y también esta de oferta :)


Lectores los invito a leer todos estos libros en una ¡OFERTA ESPECIAL!

DESDE 14/04 AL 25/04

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¿Aún no lees ningún libro de esta venezolana? Entonces te invitamos a leer sus #reseñas en su web:

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A short bit on fairy sex

This will be short, as I need to get my ass to bed. Facebook keeps pulling me in. Damn you FB! I finished the first book in the Fae Chronicles. It was off da chain. There were a few times I was confused who was who and what powers they had, but the hot as hell sex made up for it all. Ryder... damn. That's one HAWT non-human. Lots of action, which I love. I like a good car chase or a female assassin in my romance. Got 'em both. Moving on to book two.

Goodnight fellow humans-

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Fae Chronicles and Golden Ganga

I finished Five Miles Thursday night and was unsure what to start next. I was going to read The Will by KA cuz everyone says its EPIC! In all caps and with the exclamation. I was feeling gritty still, so I scrolled through my gigantic TBR list on Goodreads and found the Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins. I have have heard great things about them. I read some PA Romance, though it mostly is of the YA persuation. One reason I don't read more is that some PA Romance requires you to create a running dictionary of made up words. Maybe I am just slow here, but I forget what shit means. I forget all the made up stuff, what species of non-human we are dealing with, what crazy rocks have which powers, and don't get me started on the names that make the the Anthropologist in me says "those letters would never come together in an English word as we do not use that particular orthographic system."

So far the Fae Chronicles is good. Not too much made up shit. Although, I feel like True Blood gave me a good foundation to build upon. I do have to say, this fae fucking is killing me. Ryder needs to put his dick in Syn, like, yesterday. For realz. I'm jonesing for it. Here is a link to the first book, Fighting Destiny. I'll post a review at a later date. Maybe when I finish the series.
GR link:

Below is a video by a group called Golden Ganga. The song is Aire. Sorry for all ya'll non-Spanish speakers. Maybe this will motivate you to learn a new language. You should. Americans are the minority in the world in that most only speak one language. The majority of others who share this planet with us speak two, three, and four + languages. Anyhoo, I was asked to make a playlist for my books, and although this song isn't in it, I put it in the playlist. For me, it represents the last scene in Melted & Shattered before shit pops off... again. Plus I'd totally fuck half the damn band. The pianist and lead singer fo sho.
B-T-Dubs - If you are reading this on a phone, the video won't show up. Sorry. Here is the link:

In closing, I will leave you not only with a book link and a video, but also a link to the most common letter in the English alphabet. Wiki says so, and I believe it. Coincidence that my first and last name start with it? I think not :)   

Adios from the best letter-

Friday, April 11, 2014

Samuel L Jackson performs Slam Poetry about Boy Meets World

This was too cool not to share.

Why is Sam Jackson the shit? Can someone tell me why he is so freaking cool? Really, I'm taking opinions here.

The E in Emily stands for Emily. Peace out fellas.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

An interview and FIVE MILES!!!!

So, first of all, I did this online interview

Quite a surreal experience to watch yourself. Did you see the REAL Emily? No. You caught glimpses of her, but this is live for the world to see. I can't take it to the hood level I'd like to. Maybe if I'd had longer I would have, because I found myself getting more comfortable as it went on. And I'm am Aries. Seriously, I could talk for hours...

I said UM a lot. Grrrr. It's one of my "cover up my stuttering" techniques. Something to be mindful of. There were a lot of things I wanted to talk about but didn't get a chance to. I'm IMing with my BFF Mariana (holla!) as I write this about making our own interview when I go home in May. I don't need to wait for someone to ask to interview me. I'll make my own damn interviews and post them bitches.

Now, on to FIVE MILES. Holy mother fucking shit. Here's my GR review:

Yeah, it's really not much. There isn't a lot to say without spoilers. Maybe after all the books come out, I can go back and say what I wanna say. Don't wanna ruin it for anyone. I can say, the ending made me very happy... in a twisted way. Fuckin' A. Jase. I want that shit to work out so bad. The pain and emotional fluctuations of Sammi/Juliette are so intense. Even the names are so different and representative of two different people. She is falling apart inside in order to get revenge, and I felt like Germain wrote it in such a way that I was feeling it along with her. It was brutal. So fucking heart breaking. She deserves her revenge though. When I tell my aforementioned BFF about it, (I've made her listen to me ramble about it a few times now) I keep telling her that although it has torture that I usually don't like to read, I like it here. If anyone deserved vengeance, it's this bitch. Dornan and his six sons need to mother fucking die! For realz. And in my sick twisted head, I loved it.

I have no idea what to read next. I was gonna read The Will by KA, but I'm thinking I might hold off. I think I'm feelin' something gritty again. I wish Madeline Sheehan had another MC book out, or the 2nd part of Drowning in Rapture. I'll have to check mt GR list and see what's up.

That's it homies.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hothouse Flower

Just finished Hothouse Flower and barely made it through without tears falling. They were right there, so many times. All I can say is that I am glad I had a charcoal mask on my face for the last 10% because I basically couldn't move or else it would break-and a make-up artist friend once told me not to break the charcoal mask once it was dry on your face. Not sure if that's true, but I follow the rule to this day.

There were moments in previous books where I wondered if Daisy could carry her own book. With the help of Ryke, she did so, and in the process we learned about the quiet Calloway who endured so much shit, none of it her fault.

So really, put a charcoal mask on for the last 10% and don't let it break. It's your only hope of getting though this book without red eyes.

Hothouse Flower (Calloway Sisters, #2; Addicted, #2.2)

Now I want more Connor!


I'm writing this on the DL at my job. Shhhhhh. Eh, I put my notice in last week. I have 8 days left...

So I went to sleep last night at 90% on Hothouse Flower. Before I decided to tackle working, writing, and reading, I got a lot more reading done. Now, it takes me quite some time to finish a book. I digress though. I forced myself to bed because it was getting way late, but also because I'm not ready to leave Daisy and Ryke's world. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself there. Ryke is my kinda guy- tough exterior, but loyal and capable of falling in love with his entire being. I've also enjoyed seeing Daisy come into her own.

Although I am sad to leave Dais and Ryke, I am very excited to start Five Miles by Lili St. Germain. A whole different world than the one the Ritchie sisters created for me, but one I am loving as well. Lot of books say they are hardcore, gritty, raw, etc. but few live up to it in my opinion. This one does so in spades. If you haven't read it and want to, stop reading this blog because I am about to tell you my favorite part. Did you hear that? STOP READING!

Dude, when ole boy stabs homegirl in the leg while fucking... WTF! What is even more intense is the fact that she is fucking him as a means to kill six of his seven sons, leaving the old bastard for last. That is gritty as fuck! I love it! You can read my review here:

Well, my work day is done, so I am going to wrap this up and get home to read the end of a very romantic story and then dive right into some depraved shit.

Oh btw, it's my birthday. Happy birthday me. What am I getting myself? A lil Ryke and a lil Jace ;)

Hasta luego mis compañeros lectores-

Five Miles (Gypsy Brothers, #3)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Good Night From Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch

I don't want to be a bitch. I'm a servant of the people. I work in nonprofit. Yet, I find really bitchy things running though my head. If my inner monologue is a bitch, does that make me a bitch? Does Deepak Chopra have a moments of bitchy inner monologue? How many times can I type bitch in one blog post?

Really, I know all about positive affirmation, positive self talk, not letting your thoughts rule you. I have a mantra: I am happy, healthy, and in control of my emotions.

Someone once told me that you can't control your first thought, but you can control your second. So is it OK if my first thought is bitchy, but my second isn't? It's irritation and aggravation that causes these bitchy thoughts. They are driven by my emotions, which I am in control of. So does that negate my initial idea that you can't control your first thought. Do your emotions drive your thoughts?

Dude, I gotta go to bed. It is time for me to log off and get back to Ryke fucking Meadows. I need to get out of my head (not a great place to be at the moment) and into the Ritchie sisters' heads. They seem way cooler than my current state of mind. And their books rule. Go read them. Here's the link to the first one.
It's only 99 cents as I type this...

Good night y que tengas dulce sueños homies-E

Blog Tour - Steel & Ice

So, yesterday was the first day of my blog tour for Steel & Ice. (That's my book btw) I have had some very lovely ladies write some very nice things about my book. It feels good. I am extremely grateful that people took time not only to read my book, but to write such wonderful reviews. What I want to make commentary on is not all the nice things they've said, but the one comment that made me 'bout fall out my chair laughing.

I am well aware the first 15%-ish of Steel & Ice is rough. I wrote it from start to finish, so the first 15% was literally my first shot at writing fiction. I now write scenes out of order. I have an outline and I wait for scenes to come to me like a movie in my mind's eye. Then I do my best to capture them in words. For book 1.5 and 2 in the series, I wrote like this. Once the bulk of it was done, I connected the scenes, and added parts that would transition us through said scenes. With Steel & Ice, I really wasn't sure what the hell I was doing. I had this idea, two possible endings, and a dirty mind full of sex scenes. I just sat down, and started writing.

I've thought about fixing the first part of Steel & Ice. I don't know if you can do that-rewrite it- but fuck it, I was thinking I might give it a shot. I am not going to though, due to this one comment. I won't quote it, but the reader felt like the first 15%-ish of the book was like weed smoking, buying, selling, storing, etc 101. And it totally was!! In hindsight, I needed the reader to know the depths of main character's ties to weed as it brings nothing but trouble her way. I didn't realize, though, just how detailed I was! (No sir, I have never smoked weed in my life.)

It is rare for a single woman to smoke weed, buy it, sell it, etc. Most girls I knew back in the day who got high did so off their man's stash. I didn't have boyfriends. I was focused on making rent. I worked my ass off to keep a room over my head at 17, and men were a distraction. Even into my 20s, I had "friends" as well as men who thought they were my boyfriend, but I thought they were just very nice gentlemen I spent an evening here and there with...

I'm a take charge kind of gal. I like to handle my own business.

That's it. Thank you to the blogs who have participated so far. I appreciate your time. I am a romance reader-currently reading Hothouse Flower (LOVE IT!!)- so I know there are lots of great romances out there. (Five Miles is next. Supa dupa hype!) The fact that you ladies took time to read about Elle and J is a gift to me for which I thank you. Fernie does too.

Adios fellow readers-

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Welcome to my world. I should be pimping my books, but what I really want to do is tell you about someone else's book. First, let me say that I read scholarly journals a lot, and although they can be dry as hell, they are what keep scholars in jobs and keep our society from being even stupider than it already is. On that note, I come home and love me some smutty, smut, smut. Despite that, two books made me bawl, heaving sobs with my hand over my chest.

1. In the Stillness by Andrea Randall. See my review here: 
2. Making Faces by Amy Harmon. See my review here:

Both were romances...sorta. What made them stand out for me is that I know I can write the shit out of a scholarly article, by I'm a newbie at this fiction game. Both of these ladies above blew me away with their ability to reach their hand down my throat, into my gut, and rip it out of me. Visceral image? That's what it felt like, and as awful as that sounds, I loved every minute of it. Of the hundreds of indie romance books I've read, these two stand out as being unforgettable. Both epitomize the quote below.

Thank you very much.
This is post one.