Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Think I Got It

When I was writing J Roars, there was a sex scene I was struggling with. I wasn't feeling very sexy at the time, so I just put SEX in red letters and moved on to the next scene. I accidentally sent it to my BFF like that. She was pissed! It was like, "He hovered over her, breathing her in.  Slowly he... SEX..."  Ah ha ha ha :)

In hindsight, I find it hysterical!

Anyhoo, I was there last night. Did the SEX thing, but found I couldn't move on. A pivotal exchange needs to occur amidst the sex. Grrrr.

I think I got my mojo back though, and am ready to write some smutty smut smut now. Wish me luck, porfa!

Wishing you a sexy day (and night)-

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