Friday, May 9, 2014

Kitchin' It With My Kitchen Guys & Pimpin' My Sensei

Greetings all ye folk. I've been busy tryin' to catch up with everyone while I'm in my hometown, as well as work on the third book (yep, still untitled) in the L&J series. Before I go any farther though, I want to take a few lines to pimp my Sensei, V. J. Chambers. She graciaously answered a million Q's when I first began publishing, and still does. She recently released a box set for 99 cents. You can find it here:  on Amazon. You an also check it out on her website at

The box set includes YA Paranormal, NA romantic thriller, NA contemporary romance, PA romance, and a couple standalones. She writes a variety of genres, but all are action packed. Eight full length novels for only 99 cents. Plus she's pregnant. So help a baby out and buy her box set.

Back to me now. Last night I kicked it with my kitchen homies from back in the day. There was a good amount of beer and reminiscing, and maybe some other stuff. We're all older and have gone our different ways. By the amazing technology of Facebook, we've all managed to stay in touch though.

I had a great time playing, "Do you remember.....?" Sadly, we were missing a few of the crew, but it was nice to get together regardless. Sucky it took me moving to Mexico to make it happen. We all promised to meet up when I'm back in the States, though. 

I am going to leave this as a short post, as I want to nap before hitting the club tonight. I'll post pics of that... maybe. We'll see how scandalous the night gets :)

Deuces ya'll-