Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mexico & A 'Lil L&J Update

¡Buenos días a todo mi gente en el mundo de los libros!

Hello to all my homies in book world!

I know that I have been off the grid for a week or so now, but I am finally up and running with my internet. It took a hot minute (four days) to get hot water, yet I had the internet my second day here. I just needed time to write.

And yes, I am writing. Elle and J are screaming in my head, so I have been carving out time here and there to continue their story. Book Three in the series will give you a HEA for Elle and J, but everyone has asked for books about Chris, José, and Fernie and Genesis, so I think the series will continue. Book Three, though, will give you a HEA for Elle and J. Of course, you know you'll be reading more of them in the other books, especially Elle since she is Chris' BFF. And Chris will mos def need her BFF in the story I've got cooked up in my head for her. I'm thinking about doing a standalone after Book Three, and then coming back to Chris, but don't quote me on that. The standalone is also screaming in my head, clawing to get out.

Enough about the books. Let me tell you about Mexico!!! So, I'm not in a border state. I'm farter south towards the middle of the country, about three hours from the ocean (which I plan to see before I start teaching English in August). It is the perfect temperature. Not too hot, not to cold. In the 80s during the day, and the 50s and 60s at night. (That's Fahrenheit by the way. I haven't figured out Celsius just yet...) Two months ago I was in the Midwest of the United States in a few feet of snow with negative temperatures. So, yeah, it's fucking beautiful here.    :)

There are a variety of things different here. As an anthropologist, I recognize that people are people wherever you go. We all want the same things in life—food, water, shelter, love, and hopefully some hot sex. (If your lacking that last one, don't worry, simply read my books.) What is different here is how things are done. For instance, getting a phone was quite interesting. We went to a phone place that was very similar toa Verizon or Cricket back home. I told the phone lady I have an iPhone (that I loooove), but I'm on a plan until October with my mom. For now, I just wanted a prepay. Really, I know, like, five people here. Who do I have to call on a fancy phone? The lady at the cell phone company told me I could transfer my iPhone to a Mexican phone number, but I'd need to have a hacker on the street do something to it so it would be compatible with the phone lines here in Mexico. I leaned over to my friend and asked, "Is that legal?" Sure, we have hackers in the States, but it's not exaaaactly legal. My friend told me, yes, it is legal, but he made quotation marks with his fingers when he said legal. In the car, I told him the phone company would NEVER recommend taking your phone to a hacker. They'd try to change it for you for a shit ton of cash.

His response: Bienvenidos a Mexico—Welcome to Mexico!!

Speaking of friends, I met this particular guy when I was visiting last year, and he drove with me and my amiga from the border to our final destination. It was 14 hours of the 45 hours of driving I did to get here. One thing I have missed a lot from the States is Hip Hop and Rap. This guy is what they call a rappero. He is a rapper and scratches (like on the turn tables, or the ones and twos for those of you well versed in Hip Hop/DJ slang). We have bonded over our common love for Hip Hop and Rap, and the fact that it is hard to find that music here. As well, he loves Wu Tang. We were in the car listening to a CD and C.R.E.A.M. came on (a popular Wu Tang song). He got very excited and started rambling off all the members of Wu Tang (there's a bunch of them) and spoke like the sun rose and set on Wu Tang. After that, we were homies. 

You can check him and his music out here:

Unlike a lot of wannabe rappers I knew in the States, he is very serious about his craft. We spoke about how when I write, I get in "the zone" because I'm totally in a fictional world. Time slips away as I create characters and their worlds. He expressed it was the same for him when he is making music, the world falls away at your feet and nothing except the music exists.

I hope you all have a "zone" you can get into because it is the greatest feeling.  ...well, maybe not the greatest, but it's pretty fucking awesome.

As well, this gentleman takes the time to explain things to me, listens to my broken Spanish, and teach me words as we go along. Unfortunately, I'm a fucking giant here!! For a woman, 5'9" is totally abnormal, and it is considered tall for a guy. So, yeah, not sure I'll be getting laid anytime soon.  There is a soccer stadium here, so maybe when Switzerland comes to play. They're tall, right?

Anyhoo, besides the lack of tall guys, like 6'3" guys, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time in Mexico. The sun is shining, the cat is lying in the sun, and the dog is passed out on the bed from our walk around the corner flea market this morning.  Life is good. Now I'm going to call my mom and then take a nap, cuz that's what you do here in the afternoon, and I do love me a good nap.

Hasta Luego—Until Later-

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  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous, but that's okay. I'll be visiting Mexico one of these days. Gonna check out your boy here, too. Looks like he's got himself some TALENT! =D