Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book Titles, Pets, and Costco

Greetings everyone. Life has been crazy, but I've been carving out pieces of time here and there to write. I just finished a great scene at a location I scouted last week in Northern Mexico. Shit's about to pop off--cuz that's how I do it!

Some of you may know, I've been on a search for the title of the 3rd book in the L&J series. Melted & Shattered came naturally. Steel & Ice came out of a convo with Elena and I. She was the one who actually suggested it. (Props chica) Book 3's title has eluded me though.

Never one to freak out too hard (unless you are a certain bank in the states fucking with my money), I figured the title would come to me as I wrote.

...and it did.

...and I'm not telling you.


I tend to be a fickle creature. Once I make my mind up on something, it's pretty set, but I like to take my time on the big decisions, and this qualifies as that. I'm about 75% set on this title, but I feel I need to "try it on" a little bit longer before I release it. Once it's out there, there's no going back. So I am going to marinate on this title and I'll let you know next week.


Mexico is still rocking. I made a grand trip to the pet store yesterday. Both animals have food for the month. As I am adapting to new foods, they too are going to be since they don't have the same brands here. I was the crazy American in the pet store reading all the ingredients cuz my hippie ass pets are both grain free and gluten free.  Yes, I'm the smutty author/gypsy with gluten free pets. That's me. (And my feline child below)

I also discovered the Aurrera (way to many rolling R's for this Gabacha) which is the Mexican version of Walmart (sorta) AND there is a freaking Costco here. Now I wish I would've signed up for a card in the states... As well, today my friend's mom hustled the water guy, and got me 50% off of five gallons of filtered water. Rock on. My Polish parents would be happy I'm in such good hands.

Well, I'm "borrowing" wifi from a friend, and I believe it is time for me to sign off and go be among the living. I've been having quality bonding time with the internet for the last 3.5 hours. Time to unplug.

All the best to you, and keep on pimpin', folks-

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  1. But WHY??!!! Fine, don't tell me the title...see if I care.

    (I really, really do)