Thursday, July 31, 2014

What Is Going On With Elle & J?

Buenos tardes people. I tend to blog about random things and only talk about my books a little bit here and there. I thought I'd write a blog dedicated to L&J since Us has been released and Elle and J finally got their HEA... or did they?

I wrote Steel & Ice for a year in secrecy, not wanting to tell anyone in case I didn't finish it. Although it's rough around the edges and I know my writing got better with each book, it was the beginning of a journey for me. It was also the beginning of a journey I would take with a grip of fictional characters who became my children. Eh, maybe not my children, but they are very much a part of me. Each book found me more and more lost in the world of Missouri Mayhem. It's a surreal feeling, truly. I talk about these characters like they really exist, and thankfully I've found people in my life who are willing to listen to me ramble.

Us is not the final book in the series, but it wraps up quite a bit of Elle and J's love affair. Kinda like the Undeniable series, you will get more of Elle and J in the next books in the series. (Did I mention I just read UnBeloved and it was AWESOME!?) I realize there is still a lot hanging when it comes to the MC. Yes, I did that on purpose.  I, personally, don't like series where the first couple books are full of action and adventure, and then the next books are just romances with people bringing drama on themselves. Like, the action runs out, man. The next books in the L&J series (which I might need to rename...) still have a lot of action yet to come. So I hope you are all down for the ride, cuz I got all kinds of fun lined up for ya. 

I received a few questions from readers already that I want to address, but can't due to spoilers. As I said above, the story of Missouri Mayhem is far from over. Anything that was not resolved at the end of Us was done so purposefully. As well, I introduced new characters (Isabel, Cash, and Link to name a few) and you have to wait to find out what's up with them. And I can promise you, I have a plan for all of them as well as José :)

If you want to message me on any of the following social media sites, feel free. I'll answer your questions about anything you felt was unresolved at the end of Us. I have an answer most likely because I have a plan for everyone :)

There will be a tour for Us in late August and I will have more of Barbara Young's fabulous handmade glass jewelry to raffle off.  If you haven't read Steel & Ice, you need to. Gotta start somewhere, and Steel & Ice is where it's at. 

OK, going to get back to writing my next book. Wanna know what it is? Sorry, you're SOL. It's a secret for now :)

Happy reading mi gente-

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