Monday, October 27, 2014

The Will & The Fetal Position

So, my Kindle broke. I know, cue the waterworks and me in the fetal position. I think I cried more over my broken Kindle than my most recent break-up. I wasn't sure if I wanted to sob or drink. I'm in Mexico and didn't have high hopes I'd be getting a new Kindle shipped here. It was a sad sad day.

Part Two - I broke out the iPhone and although I don't have wifi at the house, I could access it at work (today). But that left me with the whole weekend and no books. No books!! Luckily, by the grace of some God, I had one book on it: The Will by KA, something that's on my giant TBR list. I heard that The Will was KA's grand return to epic storytelling. It got great reviews after Kaleidoscope didn't. I haven't read Kaleidoscope, but it was all over GRs that it wasn't "epic" in good KA fashion. I can't comment on that, but so far I've sobbed my eyes out while reading The Will on my phone.

It is epic.


Part Three - I was able to chat online with someone from Amazon (while on the clock) and my Kindle was still under warranty. (I knew it!) They're shipping me a new one! Cue the applause and confetti. AND they are shipping it to Mexico for free. Cue me jumping up and down in the English class I'm teaching. (The kids seemed a little confused.)

So thumbs up to Amazon. They were hella cool with me and more than happy to ship the Kindle. Right the fuck on.

That's it. Read The Will. It's epic. And if you have a Kindle, get the warranty.

On that note, deuces.

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