Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Book In The Works!

I've never been one to do the "easy" thing or the "conventional" thing. I tend to follow my gut and roll with the punches. I started writing a book that has been gnawing at me for over a year. I had the first few chapters already written. Despite the fact that I know you all want Chris' book in the L&J series, Denise and Michael were yelling louder in my head to have their story told. (Though Chris cussed me out quite a few times and I promise her book is next.)

Anyhoo, it is possible not many people will want to read Him & Her. It's an interracial romance set in Milwaukee, WI. It's not 'unicorns and rainbows' as a friend put it. He's not a billionaire and she isn't a virginal heroine who gets swept off her feet. As with all my books, these are real people who could be your next door neighbors. They've lived tough lives and find a piece of heaven in each other.

I've also taken a risk in the book as some of the things I've written aren't necessarily PC. They're the truth-- the ugly truth that we don't want to look at, but the truth nonetheless.

I might piss some people off, maybe no one will buy the book, or you may love it. Who knows?

What I do know is that I feel this is the best I've written so far. The characters are the most compelling. The sex is off the charts! And the story is real. Here is the GRs link for ya'll:

So as I navigate my way through central Mexico, I'm writing a story that is pure America. I miss diversity. You'd think when you leave your home country you'd miss the food and your family. I miss my family, but oddly, I've found I miss the diversity of the USA more than I ever imagined possible. In writing this book, I've also looked at the problems the vast diversity of the United States creates. That is the heart of this book. Being a melting pot is a blessing and a curse. As an American girl bred in the heartland, I'll take the problems diversity creates, because I believe the positives it offers outweigh the negatives by a long shot.

So that's what I'm working on. No cover yet, but I'm on the look out.

Hope you all had fantastic holidays and are pursuing your 2015 dreams.

Peace out folks-

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