Friday, February 6, 2015

Him & Her & Chris

God forbid I focus on one thing at at time...

I was watching a movie the other night (Crash. It's old, but awesome.) and I had this whole conversation play out in my head for Chris' book. It will pick up where Us left off and we will still be in Elle and J's world, but I am going to write it so you don't need to have read the L&J series to get it.

We will find out who was feeding info to Burns, what's up with Link (hottie!), why Chris hates St. Louis so much, a little more on Jose, Son, and Isabel, and how the two MCs will rebuild. On top of that, we will get to know Chris better. And let me tell you, she has one hell of a story to tell. If there were too many F bombs from Elle, Chris may be a bit much for you!

She's under a 72 hour psych detention when the book opens because she may or may not have gone Medieval on someone. (She did.)

And that's all I'm saying.

Him & Her is about to be in the hands of the editors and I'm still gallivanting around Mexico. Other than that...


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