Friday, October 20, 2017

Kendrick Lamar - Damn

I give K Dot a solid on his 4th album, Damn. In the days leading up to the release, one thought pervaded my mind. Just keep telling the truth. Por favor, (pooooooor favoooooor)  I beseech you.

He did. And he used beats that don't sound like every other intro out there. I continued listening. My trigger finger to jump through songs took a break while I listened to Damn.

I got quite drunk too.

I'm quite drunk now ;)

Kendrick Lamar uses his voice like an instrumente. Along with his lyrics, this skill keeps him in heavy rotation--the rotation of the elite. I want to take the energy he has to offer into me. At the end of the record, I feel as though I've been taken to a more authentic place. Que estoy lleno de esta energĂ­a bien fuerte.

"I cant' fake humble because your ass is insecure."

That line has yet to leave me.

This is the last man I fucked with. I didn't even know we were in competition.

In summation, thumbs up to Damn. K Dot is the realest indeed.

Going to pour the beer that will push me over the edge of being able to type.

*Throw your hands up*


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